5 user2398131

Great realtor. He took his time to search on his own for many places according to my preferences and took me to each one of them. He was there by my side until the whole process was finished including signing the lease. He even helped with the moving of furniture. Karriem is the best realtor I have ever deal with. I would recommend him as I am 100% satisfied with his service !! 🙂

5 FortesRuby

I was going through a very difficult time in 2011 and Karriem Cherry was a godsend. I could no longer afford to pay my mortgage so I was forced to sell my home short sale. Also, I had to abandoned the property and Karriem and his real estate agency made sure the property was monitored and maintained so it remained in selling condition. I highly recommend Kariem Cherry. I am recovering financially and in the next couple of years I plan on buying property again and I will definitely being use Karriem Cherry.

5 elodielevy

He was very professional and helpful even when there was some difficulty involved. The home I got to rent is very clean and spacious and I didn’t even see it until I signed the lease

4 WendyChan1

My boyfriend used to be an old co-worker of Karriem’s and we decided to work with someone we already knew. Karriem was very patient with me throughout the whole process as I can recall asking to see up to 30 properties and changing my mind constantly about places I wanted to make an offer on.

4 shonette22

I gave him short notice to find me an apt, look at a few and fell in love with one of them and I told Karriem to work his majic to get me that specific location. After filling out the application for rental he called to share great news that I got the apartment and was schedule to move in on Dec 1st, later on that day he came to my job to pick up documents to get process completed. The next day he advised me that the landlord wanted to meet with me prior to move in and I wAs super excited, later that same day he told me that the landlord advised his Realtor that he could not rent me the location because it was not deleaded and it would not be safe for my 2 yr old daughter, I was sad and devastated. I inquired if I could assume the cost of deleading for the location and he check with landlord and confirmed it would be pricey, he then told me that he is going to waive his broker fee so i could put that towards the deleading, (I taught to myself, he must be an angel sent from above). Got the place deleaded now I’m moved in and thanks to Karriem my nightmare became nothing but blessing from there on out, I’m now moved in and happy with my daughter, thanks to Karriem and his extra effort going above and beyond to get the location I really wanted. I would recommend him to every and anyone I know, he is very professional and has the willingness to assist and make dreams a reality.

1 dottie01905

Avoid Karriem Cherry, Cherry Picking Properties and Sawyer Property Management at all costs. These people and companies only care about the money. Rents are increasing for long term tenants while properties are neglected and not maintained properly and items not repaired correctly.

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